Gary atkinson wedding & commercial photographer
My career from amateur to professional 
I knew from the start this could not be achieved in a couple of weekend courses or even a couple of weeks. So in the early 90s I became a full time student in London studying photography. Being a student full time gave me the freedom to be creative. Also having great lecturers helped me push the boundaries of photography.
Towards the end of my student days I was encouraged to enter an international photographic competition
open to all full time students, and to my delight I won. The first prize being a two week trip to New York,
assisting one of Manhattan's top advertising photographers. The experience was fantastic and still vivid in my memory today.
On my return to the UK I spent the next couple of years assisting other photographers in different fields of photography but always being drawn to the company of people; it was inevitable that I would specialise in wedding and commercial photography. I have found it a pleasure and a privilege being part of so many couples' special days over the years. I always appreciate it when couples choose me as their wedding photographer.

As a professional photographer I enjoy working on my own private projects, my latest being exhibited is my
Rods, Roots and Rhubarb collection: 22 environmental portraits of allotment holders. A small sample can be found on the following link below.
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